Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laryngitis is not my friend...

It all started with a sore throat last Monday...and it went downhill from there. Tuesday I woke up with laryngitis, and my poor voice hasn't come back yet. (yuck.)

So, we've had a pretty low-key week, mostly hanging out around the house. I think even my homebody boys are starting to get cabin fever. I'm hoping this week will provide us some opportunities to visit the park.

I did pull out the paints and create a little wall-hanging for Andrew's room. Max says it looks like it was painted by a 4th-grader, but that's sort of the point. Plus, it was my first attempt at painting more than chipboard or a solid color background. Christian wants a construction vehicle for his painting, but I'm thinking I may try a little mixed media for him. I'm feeling brave! ;)

The boys did help me bake this week. I'm beginning to think they only offer to help so they can do clean-up (see video below). :)

(My voice is better now than it was on the video, but it's still kinda pathetic.)

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  1. Dawn, great job on the truck, it's so cute. Did you use canvas or paper. The boys are getting so big.


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