Monday, January 24, 2011

Last week in January...what???

Maybe it's just me, but January really seems to be speeding this year. It feels like we were just celebrating Max's birthday, and it's already time to start planning for Valentine's Day and Christian's big day (of course, my poor Leap Year baby doesn't get his "real" birthday until next year).

And speaking of Christian (nice segue, eh?), he had a blast playing with a pit bull puppy this weekend. We just had a little house built over our well (we've had major issues with our water freezing - not fun). On Saturday, the guy who was building the well brought his puppy for some socialization. And of course, the boys were more than happy to oblige. ;)

Christian is very much like me and loves animals. This little puppy is a sweetie and he followed Christian around the yard. We have Oreo the cat, but he really wants a dog...hopefully after we move.

On a totally different note, today we made playdough - and I still have the food coloring stains on my fingers to prove it!

Andrew showing off his blue coloring.

My Will...

Andrew's "grumpy" face:

Don't those F's look good? :)

And my little stinker about 30 seconds after the previous pic...yes, he's trouble! ;)

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