Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm home...

Surgery went well on Thursday... I had an amazing ER team (including a former student, no kidding!). Recovery was a bit rough at first (heart rate and BP were elevated), but fortunately everything got calmed down.

I had absolutely wonderful nurses the entire time! I don't think I've ever been able to say that before, but we were really blessed. And, my roommate ended up being my family doctor's grandmother. I'm in bed Thursday night when all of a sudden Dr Orange comes in with his daughter! What are the odds?

Yesterday my surgeon was in surgery most of the day so we had to wait (and wait) for him to come up and release me. Around 5 pm, they finally sent me home...we had Moe's for dinner, visited with Mom and Dad for a bit, then slept!

I'm still quite sore, but they have me on some strong medicine for that! I'm even talking about scrapbooking later today! After a nice hot shower and a nap, of course!

Last, but most definitely not least, thank you so much for your prayers! God is good!

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