Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little Valentine Banner

Today, I want to share a kid-friendly Valentine decor project with you. (And even if you don't have kids, this is still a fun little project!)

I cut patterned paper into 4 in. by 6 in. rectangles (this is thinner weight paper, from a My Mind's Eye paper pad). I then cut the hearts with a punch - though you could freehand them if you're so inclined.

This is where my boys come in the picture. I set out a stack of papers and a stack of hearts and had them mix and match the pieces. I then glued down the hearts (I'm very protective of my ATG).

The next step is to fold back about 1/2 inch of the top of each rectangle. I used a bone folder to keep my crease straight. My boys supervised.  

I then grabbed some baker's twine and adhered the flap over the twine. By this point, my boys were engrossed in Lego Batman on the Wii...it was fun while it lasted.  :)

Here is the finished product:

The entire project took about 30 minutes.  Quick and easy!

Have you been making any Valentine decor for your home? Or crafting any Valentine's Day cards? I'd love to see your projects - you can share them on our Facebook page!

Next week, I'll be back to share the Valentine's scavenger hunt/party that I'm planning for my boys. Until then, happy crafting!


  1. What a fun banner!!
    Yes I have made a couple cards and several tags!

  2. LOVE this banner/bunting! Cute color/pattern choices! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/43/those-tiny-toes-hearts-craft


  3. This is so cute. It really dresses up that shelf!


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