Monday, December 3, 2012

Merry December!

With three children in the house, the entire month of December is one giant countdown to Christmas!  Today, I'm going to share two ways we measure the days in our home.

First is the drawer box that I fill with Hershey's Kisses.  I made this box 5 or 6 years ago (it's from Making Memories) and it's become a tradition in our house.  As soon as this was unpacked this year, my youngest asked - daily - when we would buy the candy to fill the boxes.  He's very specific about it the candy, too...each box contains one red, one green, and one silver Kiss.  :)

Last year, I made a mini-book countdown calendar for my boys that was inspired by the gals at eighteen25 (you can download the printable numbers through this blog post).  I used a Bazzill chipboard album from my stash (it had 12 pages exactly!). I printed out the numbers, cut them into squares, and then mounted them on some old Basic Grey Christmas papers.  The boys love turning the page each morning (though sometimes two of them will turn a page and we'll magically jump a day closer to Christmas!).

Do you have any Advent calendar traditions in your house?  We also have two Lego Advent calendars going in my house this year...we really like counting down to Christmas.  ;)

P.S.  Tomorrow, I'm going to share my (blank) December Daily album.  I had every intention of posting last week, but I had an unexpected medical issue that really threw a wrench in the works.  All is well now (it's amazing what a difference a few days makes sometimes) and I'm just about back to normal.  :)


  1. What great ideas to count down to Christmas! December is so full of excitement for kids!!

  2. Fun, Dawn!
    Hmmm...if evan knew about the Lego Advent calendars, I am sure we would be doing that!

    I have a flip book I made a few years back to count down the days. The kids like to take turns flipping the pages each day.
    And Erin came home with a paper chain she made at school. So we will be doing that each night at prayer time :)

  3. We've done paper chains in the past too. This year, two of my boys wanted to decorate their bedroom doors with the chains instead of using them to count down. :)

    My boys share the Lego City Advent Calendar (I get it on sale at Target for under $30) and my husband is doing the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (he got it on clearance last January at a Lego store and has been saving it!).


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