Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily, Week One

Even with a somewhat impromptu trip to Tallahassee this weekend, I got the first week of my December Daily mini-album completed!  I am so proud of I just need to keep this up for the rest of the month.  :)

I've got lots of pictures to share this week, so this won't be a very wordy post.  I ended up creating two-page spreads for each day (except the first, because I made a "title page" of sorts).  It's been challenging creating with the random-sized papers, but it's a good thing for me to get out of my box.  I have to confess - I'm already thinking about changes I'd like to make for next year -which I think is a good thing.

Now, without further babbling, here is the first week of my December Daily album:

Since the page for Day 6 was a flash card, I had to get creative with the picture.  I ended up making a tab out of the picture, and just mirrored it on the back.

So that's week one for me.


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