Monday, October 22, 2012

Paper Pumpkins

With Halloween fast approaching, we've been seeing pumpkins everywhere!  Today, I'm going to share a tutorial for some easy paper pumpkins that my boys and I made together.  

Aren't they cute?  They're super quick too, and very kid-friendly!

What you'll need:

  • patterned paper (we used 6x6 paper)
  • cardstock for the stem and leaves
  • brads (to hold the paper strips together)
  • strong adhesive
  • a paper trimmer
  • a pencil to wrap the cardstock around to make the stem
  • small punch or paper piercer
  • a leaf punch (optional)
  • ink for the stem/leaves (optional)

First, cut the paper into 1" strips.  We used two 6x6 sheets of paper for each pumpkin, which resulted in 12 strips.

With a small punch (we used the 1/8" setting on my crop-a-dile) or a paper piercer, make holes on each end of the strips for the brads.

Stack the strips and secure a brad through one of the holes.

Fan out your strips.

One at a time, curve the strips onto a second brad (the pointed end will be up).  And please excuse my fingernail that desperately needs to be repainted.  ;)

When you're done, the bottom of your pumpkin will look like this:

Cut a small strip of cardstock for the stem (mine were roughly 3.5" by 3/4").  Ink the edges if you wish.  To make the stem, wrap the strip around a pencil and glue the end down to keep the curved shape.

At this point, you could also cut leaves.  We had an abundance of leaves once my boys were done with the punch.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures....just picture my living room with little green paper leaves all over the floor.  :)

To finish your pumpkin, simply glue the stem and leaves (if you made them) onto the pumpkin with a strong adhesive.  I used Diamond Glaze, but I think E-6000 would work even better (I didn't want to risk the fumes on my boys though).  A glue gun would also be a good choice.

Super quick and easy!  Since there are five of us in our family, we made a family of five pumpkins.  :)

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  Are you crafting anything for Halloween at your nest?


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