Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little Pebbles Eye Candy

Am I totally dating myself here?  Anyone else remember the old "I Kandee" line from Pebbles (WAY before their American Crafts days)?
I'm a big fan of Pebbles, and I enjoy their blog.  I'm a simple scrapper, and I think I'm attracted to the clean lines of so many of the layouts featured over there.
Today, I'm going to share a few projects that have caught my eye recently.
First up is a layout by Davinie Fiero.  I seriously love everything about this layout: the border along the top, the banner, the mini clothespins, the mini name it, I love it!

Next up is a layout by Aphra Bolyer.  I think the colors are fantastic!  And those strips of paper lined up horizontally?  Love them!

Last but not least is this little home decor item by Sarah Webb.  Seriously, is this not adorable?  It looks pretty easy; I think I'm going to try this one.  After all, I certainly own enough buttons!

P.S.  I was not paid or perked for mentioning Pebbles today (heck, they don't even know about this blog!).  I just wanted to share what was making me happy lately.  :)

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