Monday, May 21, 2012

Craft Your Nest is back!!!

I'm so excited to be posting again at the Nest.  There were a few technical kinks to work out, but now Craft Your Nest is back and I'm ready to get crafting!

Craft Your Nest is all about using what you have ("using" being the key word here).  I could be a professional scrapbook shopper, I have so many supplies.  But I got into a rut for way too long and didn't use what I was buying.

In an effort to tame the disaster that is my craft room, I've been pulling out some kits that I bought, never opened, and have been sitting, collecting dust for years.  I like kits because a lot of the work has been done for me...and less work is a good thing in my book.  :)

In particular, I've been working on some Basic Grey calendar kits.  I bought these to give to my husband as Christmas gifts.  In my defense, I did make the 2012 calendar and gave it to him this past Christmas.  But 2009 - 2011 were sitting on the floor of my craft room, and I finally decided to do something with them.

Now, fortunately, Basic Grey designed their calendars so that you can trim the layout portion of the calendar to create cute little 8x8 pages.  Everything to create these layouts comes with the kit - all I had to do was add pictures.  I know...there's really no excuse why I didn't make these before.

So I pulled out my paper trimmer and adhesive, and now have a stack sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be put into albums:

I actually two more layouts to finish and I'll have 36 8x8 pages complete!  I'm waiting to finish the last pages before putting them into the albums.  I'm still debating whether to organize them chronologically (by the date the photo was taken) or by season/theme of the page.  I'll update once I decide.

The layouts aren't very fancy, but they're done!  And my husband has been getting a kick out of going through the stack and looking at the pictures of our boys.  And once again, I'm reminded that it's all about the memories.

I'd love to know what you've been working on lately.  Anyone else a kit hoarder like me?


  1. What a great way to get lots of pages done!! :)
    Not so much a kit hoarder any more, but I used to be.
    Now when I buy new stuff, I put it in a basket in my scrap area to use right away so it doesn't become stash.
    But I am looking forward to using up a bit of stash as well.

  2. Dawn, I was wondering what was going on with the site...glad the bugs are all worked out. I'll post a couple layouts tomorrow.

  3. LOVE your blog!! I'm a hoarder of ALL supplies! I'm really trying to do better and I think I am. LOL


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