Friday, March 26, 2010

Last night was amazing...

Will and I went to see Skillet and tobymac down in Tallahassee...such an amazing experience to share with my son. The joy on his face when tobymac took the stage blew me away. I'm super tired today, but it was so worth it.

We actually got the tickets for free (thank you Way-FM ). On a side note, please support your local Christian radio station. I wish I could give more to ours - it's always on in the car. The boys know the words to the songs, and I'm so thankful that we have the opportunity to share "Jesus music" with our children.

Skillet was fantastic! The talent in that band blew me away. Seriously, if you don't know their music, check it out. Their drummer rocks it out - that girl had some!

The highlight of Will's night was tobymac...the rest of the concert was just an appetizer for him. His face when tobymac walked up to the platform was priceless - I tried to get a picture but I just couldn't capture the sheer joy on that boy's face. And tobymac did not let us down - that man had such a high-energy, crowd-pumping show that the entire crowd was on their feet! It was awesome! And he sang "Jesus Freak" toward the end, which was pretty cool. I did feel a little old when I realized that the teenagers around me were babies (at best) when the song was released. Yeah.

And as a souvenir, what did my son choose? Not a poster, or stickers, or a hat or t-shirt. No, not Will. He had to have drum sticks. Now he wants to know where he can get a drum set. ;)

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  1. Dawn, thanks so much for joining in on the blog hop!!
    Its awesome to meet another christian!!
    I homeschool my dd since she was 2 she is 5 now one more year and then she will go to a christian school.
    She our only child so she needs more connection with other children.
    On Tuesday we have coop at church she has 6 in her class!
    Hope you have a blessed day!!
    I love those two groups!!


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