Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another day in the life...

We’ve started week 2 of our homeschool journey with Will and Christian. Today Andrew even joined in for some math. That’s my boy.

As promised, here’s some pics of the schoolroom. We converted our house’s formal dining room into the homeschool room. Here’s a view from the living room:

And here’s Will hard at work on his handwriting exercise (yes, he’s a leftie):

And, finally, here’s Christian at his desk:

Christian was actually done for the day, but he posed for me. With his balloon.
Speaking of Christian, here’s a cute story that involves him. A few days ago he got cold while watching tv and I told him he could grab a blanket from the dryer as I’d just washed them. Fast forward a couple hours. As we’re putting the boys to bed I realize that Christian probably didn’t close the dryer door when he grabbed the blanket. So I go to the laundry room to check. And find this:

Cupcake the little sneak. But we love her.

Hope your week is wonderful!

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