Friday, February 1, 2008


I have been such a bad blogger lately. There's a lot going on, and I have lots of scrappy things to share, so be on the lookout (if you're into that kind of thing!). Today was a crazy day - the boys were really wired. Do you want to know why?

Today was the day our homeschool materials came. Every time the boys heard a car or truck, they rushed to the front windows looking for the Fed Ex guy. Normally he comes around lunch he waited until 4 pm. I'm overwhelmed that my children are this excited about school (Christian is actually very jealous about Will's program, so he'll be joining us for most lessons). I'm overwhelmed to think about this amazing journey we are about to begin...I get to be there, every step of the way, watching my children learn. Wow. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with the boys and teach them; Max has no idea how completely grateful I am to him for encouraging me quit work. I thank God for giving me the gift of teaching...this is my passion. So I'm overwhelmed, but in a totally good way. I am blessed beyond measure.

I'm a bit emotional tonight, but this is such a huge step for our family. We've talked about this day and prayed about this day...and it's finally here. God is good.

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