Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two days and counting...

Until surgery, that is. I've been a little worried cause I've been fighting this nasty headcold...today I'm so much better though. I called the surgeon's office this morning (for fear of having to reschedule) and the nurse assured me I'll be fine. So come Thursday, I'll be gall bladder-less. It's been making me miserable so I'm completely ready to have it out of my body, but I'm still nervous about having surgery. I'd appreciate your prayers very much. And knowing me, I'll be back on the computer come Friday! ;)

I just realized I haven't posted any photos from Max's birthday cake. Will and Christian helped me decorate...notice the clumps of candy sprinkles and snowmen! It was quite tasty though!

And yes I did put 32 candles on that bad boy! It almost looks like the fourth of July! :)

And lastly, here is another layout (Max helped with this one!). I'm participating in the LOAD (layout a day) challenge over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. 


  1. Love your photos. i geuss we all like to take a peak at other people's lives. your boys look so happy. and i love all the LO you do. my goodness you must scrap a lot. love the blog. i am just getting into the "blog" thing. i worked 50-60 hours/week up until recently... so never had extra time for anything... now i do... and i'm having to learn it as i go. ha.
    keep up the blog... i enjoyed it.

  2. Your boys are gorgeous! Don't you just love when they WANT to help out?!


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