Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving recap...

The good news is...nobody ended up in the ER this year!!! We had a great time visiting with family at Aunt Emily and Uncle Jim's home. Aunt Emily does such a wonderful job making all the Thanksgiving food for the family...and this year the house was packed!

Here's an overview...I couldn't get a shot with everyone in it at once there were so many people!

The Hopkins' Family table:

On Friday, after doing a little Black Friday shopping, we went back for lunch. I think the food is even better the second time around! Not to mention that I love Aunt Emily's potato pancakes!

This year we stayed at a new hotel...and our room was so nice I could have stayed a week! Max liked the fact that our room overlooked Eat 'n Park! :)

Here's Christian enjoying the big bed, which Max and I shared with Andrew.

The living area...Will tells me to remind everyone of his bed (the pull-out from the sofa). And that's actually a balcony outside the doors.

And one more...isn't he cute?

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