Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will lost his first tooth!

My baby lost a tooth his first tooth last night! I can't believe it - a week after his 5th birthday! And he's got another one on the way out!

Here's a before shot:

And here's the after:

I think he was the most excited about getting money from the tooth fairy! This morning when he recovered his dollar he was a bit disappointed - he wanted a 10-spot! :)

So now he's wiggling the other bottom tooth...I wouldn't be surprised if that one comes out early next week.

On to other happenings...the whole family has been fighting nasty colds this past week or so. Well, the boys are starting to feel better - they're just sick enough to be cranky. And with the colds plus the huge weather change, they've been cooped up for too many days. So they've started to get creative. Yesterday I walked in to this in my bedroom:

Christian spilled a drink on my bed so I had pulled the sheets off. They boys thought it would be fun to decorate with golf balls.

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