Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Max's Birthday eve...

Tonight, we went out to dinner with Mom and Dad and Kristy and Cameron for Max's birthday. We went to our new favorite place to take the boys - Fuddruckers. Yummy hamburgers - and hot dog for Will! After dinner, we picked up Max's ice cream cake from Brusters - oreo ice cream "pie". It looks so good, but we're saving it for tomorrow.

Poor Andrew has been a bit sick tonight. He's been spitting up quite a bit. He doesn't have a fever, though, and his spirits are up, so we're hoping and praying that it's just a sour stomach. I hate it when my baby's are sick. :(

Of course, being sick doesn't keep this one out of trouble. I left Andrew on my bed drinking a bottle of sugar water and came back to the little stinker trying to get on the computer! I guess he's taking after Will!

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