Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I think I'm caught up...

As was pointed out by my sister, I've been a bit behind on my blogging. I think I'm pretty much caught up now. This morning we went and had the stitches out. It turns out one of them fell out on its own, so he only had four removed. Three of them came out very easy, but the fourth one had a scab around it so it was a little more difficult. Christian was so brave (again). He only got fidgety during the last stitch. The pediatrician let him sit in my lap, which was super nice of her. I'm just glad the whole ordeal is about over!

The doctor said we won't know for about a year if there will be a scar or not. We're praying for no scar, so please join us.

On to other news, Andrew is crawling around all over the place now. He moves more in reverse than forward, but that's okay. He's even learned to change direction! I'm so proud of my baby, but he's growing up way too fast.

Will's head is healing very well (thank the Lord) - there's hardly any indication that there was once a huge cut on his head. I don't have any pictures, but it looks much better than I ever expected. :)
That's about it. I've got to get creative today...I'm entering a contest online. Right now there are only five entries and they're picking three winners, so my odds are pretty good. I'll post once I've finished my creation - though right now I still have no idea what it'll be! :)

That's about it for now. We're going to see Thomas on Saturday - the boys are already pretty excited. I'll post once the adventure is over! :)

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