Thursday, November 16, 2006

I love my PictureMate...

They are AMAZING!!!!!!! This is my early Christmas present from Max (I love that guy!) and I've already printed close to 75 pictures. The quality is phenomenal (you cannot tell the difference between these prints and ones from a photo lab - no kidding) and it is so stinkin' convenient to print from home! And they are dry the second they're done printing - the kids pull them off as soon as they're done and no smudging at all! Plus they're waterproof (yes, I've tested). I'm a one-woman commercial for Epson now. Did I tell you how cheap this thing is to operate? Prints average about 20.7 cents a piece. Oh yeah, the ink and the paper come bundled together - how cool is that? Seriously, go buy one.

Kristy will probably be glad that she won't have to relay pictures from Sam's Club to me anymore! I'll still need enlargements though - that's the ONLY downside to my little PictureMate - he only prints up to 4x6 (but he does it so well that I'm not complaining).

Moving on, here's a little picture frame I made for my Instructional Assistant, Jeannie (she covered for me on Monday when I had to leave because of Will's accident). I gave it to her last night and she loved it! :) I always get a little nervous that people won't like my work, so it's nice when something's a hit. She had a picture picked out almost immediately, so that made me happy.

Be forewarned - pretty much everyone is getting something homemade this year for Christmas. I've got about 10 projects on or around my desk right now, so I'll have my hands full these next several weeks. It's all good, though - just give me a jar of Mod Podge and I'm a happy camper! (And if you don't know what Mod Podge is, let me know - I give lessons. Spend a hour, walk away with a picture frame - it's fun, really.)

That's all for now....I'll be back in five minutes or so with my really big post of the day. Of course, you'll have already read that one by the time you see this, but bear with me here - it's getting late and I'm a bit loopy.

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