Saturday, October 21, 2006

pumpkin patch day....

We went to the pumpkin patch today! The boys had a blast. At the entrance to the patch, they had a teepee made of hay and a mini-maze for kids to go through. Will and Christian were a bit tentative of the teepee at first, but they LOVED the maze! They were running through it over and over - until some other kids came by and we decided to move on.

The pumpkin patch was pretty much picked-over, but the boys enjoyed running
through it and picking out some potential pumpkins. Mommy and Daddy didn't like any of the patch pumpkins very much, so we ended up cheating...we bought pumpkins that were sent up on tables outside the barn!

Mommy's going to carve them later today, so we should have quite the adventure! Daddy wants to cook up the seeds, but we're not positive how to do it...we may need to call for some instructions there. :)

We'll post pictures later once the pumpkins are decorated...

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