Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a visit with the doctor and a new bedroom...

Well, we had a pretty busy day today...Will and Andrew had doctor's visits this morning. I'm happy to say all is well. They're big boys though...Will is 48 pounds and 43 inches...Andrew is just shy of 22 pounds and 29 inches!

Mom came over to finish painting the boys' bedroom - I painted the green stripes (weeks ago) and she did ALL the blue today. We brought the new beds over from Mom and Dad's house and the boys have already had fun testing them out! :)

The final picture is my accomplishment of the day...a journal to keep track of the cute things the boys say. Here's the entry for this past Sunday:

Christian loves to give kisses. He'll give you a kiss and as long as you say "one more" he'll keep giving kisses...up to a point. When he's done, Christian will tell you "That's all I got!"

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